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Removing Tea Stains from fabric

How too safely clean hair and faux hair makeup brushes

How to remove sweat and foot odor from shoes

CLEANING BRUSHES and COMBS As seen on 3TV/Phoenix – Good Morning Arizona on Monday, October 26, 2020 at 8:45am Watch the Broadcast video at the bottom of this post Use the end of a rat tail comb ( or pick) and start loosening the hair from the bottom of the brush, working your way up […]

How to take the stink out of shoes

NATURAL WAY TO KEEP FABRIC MASKS CLEAN AND A GREAT HACK FOR DRYING THEM Watch the Broadcast video at the bottom of this post As Seen on Good Morning Arizona (3TV/Phoenix) – Monday, August, 10, 2020 at 8:45am & Saturday, August 15, 2020 at 6;55am. Masks are in contact with our faces many hours a […]

PREVENTING YOUR GLASSES FROM FOGGING WHEN WEARING A MASK Many people are wearing masks in order to prevent others from being infected with COVID19. It’s a big adjustment for everyone, but for people wearing glasses it presents another problem – fogged-up lenses. When you wear a mask and your warm breath hits the relatively cool […]

This DIY Hand Sanitizer has enough alcohol to be approved for disinfecting during the Coronavirus epidemic. DIY HAND SANITIZER – Apply and leave wet on hands 60 seconds or more Ingredients: 3/4 cup of isopropyl or rubbing alcohol. It must be between 70% and 99%. Look for the percentage on the front of the bottle […]

How to make an effective moisturizing HAND SOAP Watch the VIDEO

How to disinfect hard surfaces in your home, such as countertops, sinks etc. with two natural products Watch the VIDEO    

How to make your own effective HAND SANITIZER. Watch the VIDEO

THE TRUTH ABOUT EVERCLEAR® HAND SANITIZER Everclear is a grain alcohol that is some of the strongest you can get. You can find Everclear at a liquor store that’s 75.5% alcohol, or 151 proof. The CDC says alcohol in hand sanitizer must be 70% or higher, so does this qualify? The recipe calls for one […]