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Moisturizing Hand Soap

About this Tip:

How to make an effective moisturizing hand soap

How to make an effective moisturizing HAND SOAP

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Foaming hand soap

How to:

  1. You will need an empty foaming soap dispenser
  2. Fill the dispenser about 3/4 of the way full with Dr.Bronner's or other liquid castile soap
  3. Add to that a squirt of vegetable glycerin - This draws moisture to the skin.
  4. Optional: Add essential oil for fragrance - any one you like
  5. Put the lid on the bottle and roll the bottle in your hands and turn back and forth without shaking to combine the ingredients
  6. Don't shake the bottle - you don't want to create foam that runs out.
  7. Use as you would any pump or foaming hand soap


This is a wonderful alternative to hand soap. It is effective for hand washing purposes and also very inexpensive and natural.

Warnings & Cautions:

This soap removes germs and bacteria, it does not destroy viruses. It does wash away everything from hands.

Linda Says:

Re-purpose a soap container you already have, Pick one up soap at the dollar store and save the container or buy a decorative container in stores or on Amazon. Find Dr Bronner's and other liquid castile soap in drug, big box, grocery stores and online Find Glycerin in drug stores and online at places like Amazon.

Why It Works:

Dr Bronner's Castile Soap is a safe, natural liquid soap that can be used for personal washing and grooming, shampoo and even cleaning. It comes in many fragrances so you can choose the one you want. lt is made with organic oils and is not drying to the skin. It removes dirt and germs so that they are washed from the skin. Glycerin is used to attract moisture. It keeps your hands moist so washing doesn't dry out skin. Find it in drug stores and online.