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Preventing your Glasses from Fogging When Wearing a Mask


Many people are wearing masks in order to prevent others from being infected with COVID19. It’s a big adjustment for everyone, but for people wearing glasses it presents another problem – fogged-up lenses. When you wear a mask and your warm breath hits the relatively cool surface of your glasses, the result will be fog.

This can be really irritating, especially if you walk from a hot street into an air-conditioned store, and suddenly you can’t see.

Give these hacks a try!

Use a mask with a nose bridge

If your mask fits loosely over your nose, your breath can escape up to your glasses. Many masks being sold have flexible wire strips that allow you to bend and shape them so they fit your nose. These serve several purposes by making them more comfortable, and they help prevent your breath from hitting your glasses. Be sure you look for this feature when you buy a mask.

Put your glasses over your mask

A simple hack: just pull up your mask so the top sits higher on your nose, and wear your glasses on top of the material. Any escaping breath should miss your glasses.

Use soap and water

If you don’t have a special coating on your glasses, you can try washing them in soapy water and very gently drying them. The idea is that the soap leaves behind a film that prevents glasses from fogging. Avoid soaps that are made with lotion.

Put a tissue on the inside of the mask

If you tape a folded tissue under your mask at the bridge of your nose, it may absorb escaping moisture.

Buy a commercial anti-fogging product

There are a number of commercially available anti-fogging sprays and wipes out there that may be worth trying,

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