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Getting the most out of the time you spend vacuuming. What to do, when and how. Follow this and you won’t suck at vacuuming!

How to sharpen your own scissors

How to remove stubborn stuck on caulking. This is not the time for DIY concoctions. Don’t waste your time. Sometimes the truth is you need to use the big guns.

This will help to remove small nail polish spills on carpet and other synthetic fibers

This will help you remove lint and pet hair from clothes and fabrics

How to get rid of Mosquitoes, Dog ticks, Pantry Moths and Ants in a safe. natural way

This is an easy and safe way to kill ants. It will not hurt kids or pets.

What you should do before you wash hard floors

How to clean the garbage can and when

How to clean doormats and how to use them

How to clean and deodorize lunch boxes and coolers

Cleaning switch plates and doorknobs