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This is an easy natural spray cleaner that can help kill E.coli

This is an easily made DIY natural scrub to use on sinks, tubs and grout. It uses the antiseptic properties of essential oils.

This is a gentle and easily made cleaner for chrome. It can be used on faucets, small appliances and other chrome objects.

How to clean and freshen microfiber sofas, chairs, etc.

How to quickly remove grease from walls

Making your own easy, natural deisinfectant

Solution for cleaning hardwood floors

Easy DIY solution to remove spills on carpet

This is a natural easy to make cleaner for use on faucets, small appliances and other chrome objects.

Quick way to remove fingerprints and water spots from chrome faucets

DIY cleaner for glass and mirrors

Making your own natural spray cleaner for quartz, marble, and granite. Also for bathroom sinks, baseboards, and appliances.