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This is an updated version of my Miracle Laundry Spotter using an all natural liquid dish soap

How to wash your bed sheets like a pro

Get white sheets white and bright again easily

How to remove the yellow stain often left by the combination of deodorant and perspiration in white clothes.

How to remove odor from front loader washing machines

Quick treatment from spills on clothes to keep stains from forming

Did your jeans shrink or are they too tight? Here’s a tip to Make jeans fit better when they are too tight or have shrunk.

Are your jeans too tight?? Here’s a great tip to Stretch out jeans that are too tight.

How often should you wash your jeans? Best way to wash them. How should you dry clean them?

Hand washing bras and underwire bras to make them last. How often should you replace a bra?

How to shrink jeans that are too big or baggy.