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How to remove grease from fabrics with something you probably use most days

This is an emergency hair color remover. Treating ASAP is vital to success.

Do you have lipstick on your collar? Maybe laundry isn’t your biggest problem! Here’s how to get it out.

Removing residue, lint and fuzz from towels

If you are using spa-like white towels, here’s how to keep them eye-popping white

How to get drips from green smoothies out of clothes

How to remove stains left by green tea on clothes

How to remove green baby food and smoothie stains, such as peas, green beach and spinach from clothes

The do’s and don’t of laundering micro fiber. Micro Fiber Cloths and mops are one of the best and most natural ways to clean. If you don’t take care of them correctly and wash them right they will just be expensive rags. Here are some tips to clean them.

A brand new take on the Queen’s Miracle Laundry Stain Remover

How to remove a coffee spill in an emergency

This is a natural laundry stain remover that is biodegradable, earth friendly and safe! Works especially well on heavily soiled and stained clothes