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REMOVING BODY ODOR SMELL IN WORKOUT CLOTHES – As seen on Good Morning Arizona (3TV/Phoenix) – 1/22/18 – 8:40am

Technical fabrics are great for workouts and running because they wick away your sweat but, unfortunately, the bacteria, that causes the smell, gets trapped in the fibers and can be hard to get out.

First, some general laundry tips. Keep your worn workout clothes in a separate hamper from other clothes. Don’t spread the stink! Hanging them in the outside air helps prior to washing if possible. Crumpled clothes hold odor in.

Turn them wrong side out prior to washing.

If you are prone to underarm staining moisten the area and work in Fels Naptha Bar Soap before you launder.

Do they really stink? Run them through a rinse cycle with ½ cup of white vinegar prior to washing them.

Tech Fabrics like cool water. Don’t use hot or even warm.

Here are a couple of tricks that work and a new product to try:

Using baking soda helps. Pre-soak your clothes in a solution of water and Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda (in the laundry additive area). Use the pre-soak setting on the washing machine or do it in a separate container. Then launder as usual.

White vinegar is an inexpensive and cheap odor remover. Soak your running clothes in a cup or two of vinegar mixed with plain water. Then wash as usual. Or, pour 1/4 to 1/2 cup of white vinegar into the wash (along with your regular detergent).

ODORZOUT™ will also remove body odor from clothes and shoes. It is an all- natural powder used by sprinkling into shoes or on clothes to remove odor or adding to the laundry. It is an odor eliminator and has no scent or chemicals. You can use it on ANY odor that you have including smoke, pet smells, mildew etc. Go to for buying information.

DEFUNKIFY is a newer product for washing active wear. It launders and deodorizes. I have had great success with it. One small container (20 oz.) will do 28 loads of laundry. It is guaranteed to wash the funk out! Go to for buying information or Amazon.

There are also lots of new odor-fighting running clothes on the market. They may sound too good to be true, but these running clothes do actually help keep you dry and odor-free. Although some of them are more expensive than your average running shirts, they’re worth the investment because they’ll last longer and keep you smelling fresh.