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VODKA – IT’S NOT JUST FOR DRINKING Aired on Tuesday, December 26, 2017 – Good Morning AZ (3TV/Phoenix) – 8:20am

Vodka is a great cleaner because it is so high in pure alcohol content. Don’t drag out the Grey Goose, use cheap vodka! And really, if you are cleaning with vodka, do you really care if it works!?

Cleaning Caulking
Fill a spray bottle with inexpensive vodka. Spray onto molded and mildew caulking. Let sit about 15 minutes, re-spray and scrub with a toothbrush if necessary.

Put some inexpensive vodka in a glass or bowl to hold the pieces you want to clean. 
Put in any hard stones and swish well. If there is heavy soiling use an old toothbrush to loosen and then swish again and dry with a soft cloth.

Upset Stomach Accidents
For those nasty accidents on carpet, lift off any solids then flush with vodka and blot with paper towels. Continue until area is clean. Then flush with cool water and blot really well to remove excess water. Set up a fan, if possible, to blow across the area to dry it quickly.
The vodka is a great cleaner for this and also helps to remove odor.

Ice Packs
Pour some inexpensive vodka into a sturdy resealable bag. Freeze and use for icing sports injuries or any area you need an ice pack. You can make these in different sizes for different needs. Why is vodka better than water? It won’t freeze solid so you can mold it to any area where you need cool relief.

Beaded Clothes
Since we don’t wear beaded clothes too often it is a shame to pay for dry cleaning. Some beaded clothes are not cleanable and say to “spot clean”. To freshen these, put some vodka in a small spray bottle and spritz the underarm area and neckline on the wrong side of the fabric. Hang and let air dry. Because of the extremely high alcohol content, the vodka removes odors.

If you want to get a sparkling shine on eyeglasses that don’t have a protective coating, spritz with vodka and buff with a soft cloth. Do no use on coated lenses or those that suggest that you avoid alcohol based products.

Because of it’s high alcohol content, vodka is a potent insect killer. Put in a spray bottle and send bugs on their drunken way.

Cleaning Grout
Clean grout by spraying with undiluted vodka. Let sit for 15 minutes and then re-spray and use a brush to scrub, rinse and you’re done.

All-Purpose Cleaner
Make your own all-purpose cleaner using 50% vodka and 50% water. Want it to smell good too? Add some of your favorite essential oil.

Rusty Razor
Tired of your gunky rusted razor sitting in the shower? Put enough vodka in a container to cover your razor blade. Swish and let sit a few minutes and then put it back in the shower. It will clean, disinfect and keep it from rusting.