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QUICK GUEST CLEAN-UP – As seen on TV – Aired Monday, December 18, 2017 (8:40am) Good morning AZ (3TV/Phoenix)

Focus on what guests will see
Most casual gatherings center on just a few rooms, such as the kitchen and family spaces, so spend your cleaning energy on those areas.
Use a laundry basket or two to gather piles off tables, floors etc., that will be in view and put the basket in a closet you won’t need to access (but don’t forget to empty it later).
De-clutter and wipe down kitchen countertops and give the kitchen sink a quick scrub. Hide dirty dishes in the dishwasher to quickly get them out of the sink. Grab a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down surfaces.

Focus on what guests will use
Your guests probably won’t need to venture into the master bathroom—but odds are your guests will probably need to visit the first floor bathroom at least once. Clean the sink, mirror, and countertop with white vinegar spray. To make: Fill a spray bottle with 50/50 water and white vinegar. Spray and wipe.
Pour undiluted white vinegar in the toilet, swish and flush.
Empty the trash and put out a fresh hand towel and a full roll of toilet paper. Adjust the cushions on sofas and chairs, quickly tidy stacks of books, fold blankets, and fluff up accent pillows.

Look down
Vacuum rugs and carpet in the entry and family room. Give smaller rugs a quick shake outside.
For hard floors, run a dry mop over them to pick up lint, fuzz, dust and food crumbs.

Pet check
Got cat litter? Check it out to be sure there are no strong or lingering smells that people will encounter. If you keep it in a spare bathroom, move it. No guest wants to sit with a dirty litter pan! Pee pads? Get them out of sight and clean.

Close doors
If the desk in your home office is messy or the laundry in the master bedroom isn’t put away, don’t worry. Simply close the doors to those rooms that won’t be visited.

Keep cleaning necessities on hand
The best way to be prepared—no matter who is on their way and when—is to stash cleaning basics including microfiber cloths, dusting spray, and other essentials in a quick-carry basket. Take it from room to room as you do your multi-tasking, speedy cleaning routine.

What Should Be In Your Quick Clean Kit? Keep it small, this is for a quick clean not a deep clean.
Micro Fiber cloths to use wet and dry
Water and White Vinegar spray – use as an all-purpose cleaner and mirror/glass cleaner
Undiluted white vinegar
Paper towels
Magic Eraser – for quick tough jobs.
Lambswool Duster – telescoping is best to dust high and low
Lemon oil treated dust cloths.

How To Make: Take microfiber cloths, fold in half, lightly zig zag a light stream of lemon oil down the cloth. Roll it up and wring it like you were wringing water out of a cloth. Keep in a container with a lid. A recycled coffee can works great. Use to dust. No other spray or cleaner needed. Once heavily soiled, wash and retreat. These leave a beautiful shine and no additional buffing is required.

Freshen The Air:
Fill a small pan with water. Add some vanilla extract, cinnamon and whole cloves. Bring to a boil and shut off. Let sit on the warm burner to distribute the “fresh baked” aroma.

Look In The Mirror
Don’t go to the door looking as tired and frazzled as you feel. Freshen up, get out a clean festive shirt, relax and enjoy. Once the house is filled with people nobody will notice dust and they will just be grateful they aren’t the ones entertaining!