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About this Tip:

Quick way to steam clean your oven using lemon juice

Quick way to steam clean your oven using lemon juice

How to:

  1. Fill a 2 quart pan with water, add the juice of two lemons and add the lemon halves also. If you don’t have fresh lemons use about ½ - cup of bottled lemon juice.
  2. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
  3. Bring the water/lemon to a boil on the stove top and then carefully place it in the oven on the rack.
  4. Close the door.
  5. Shut the oven off after 1 hour and leave the pan in the oven with the door closed for an hour or so.
  6. Carefully remove the pan – the water may still be hot.
  7. Use the cooled lemon water and little baking soda on a scrubbing sponge to clean the oven.
  8. Use a brush if needed for small areas. A nail brush works great.
  9. Rinse as needed.

Linda Says:

This method may also be used on self-cleaning ovens without damage.

Why It Works:

The steam from the lemon juice and water softens the soiling and makes it easy to wipe away. Lemon is natures bleach and disinfectant so it's perfect for cleaning food prep and cooking areas.

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