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How to Make Homemade Natural Air Freshener

How to:

  1. 3/4 cup water
  2. 2 - Tablespoons Vodka or Rubbing alcohol
  3. Choose your esssential oil or combination of oils - Use 20 drops or more
  4. Combine in an 8oz spray bottle
  5. Shake well prior to each use
  7. Combine the water and alcohol/vodka as directed in the basic recipe
  8. Add 4 - drops Tea Tree Oil
  9. 8 - drops lemon essential oil
  10. 8 - drops eucalyptus oil
  11. Be sure to label your sprayers
  12. This makes a great bathrom spray because of the antibacterial properties

Linda Says:

You can divide the mixture prior to adding the oils to make several different scents and use several spray bottles The vodka or alcohol in the recipe helps the essential oils and water to mix more thoroughly, and helps the homemade air freshener dry faster as it is sprayed You can use inexpensive essential oils for this spray
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