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Cleaning with things you have in the pantry

Believe it or not you can actually clean with things you have in your pantry. Give some of these unusual methods a try.

KETCHUP: This is a great cleaner for copper. Simply work it in with a paper towel. Let it sit a few minutes, rub until you see the copper shine and then rinse well.

DRY MUSTARD: It’s a great odor remover for plastic storage bowls. Fill the bowl with warm water, add about ½ teaspoon or so or dry mustard and let soak a few hours. Wash, rinse and dry. If you have onion or garlic smell on your hands work dry mustard into wet hands. Rinse and dry.

FLOUR: You can use dry flour on a dry stainless steel sink to polish it. Sprinkle in the flour and rub firmly with a paper towel. Rinse and dry well.

LEMON JUICE: Mix some lemon juice with cream of tartar and apply to stained countertops or breadboards. Let sit an hour or so or even overnight and then rinse and dry. Light stains can be wiped away immediately with this combination. Do not use on stone.

ONION: If you have brown stains on knifes from tomato products or the dishwasher, stick them into an onion. Let sit for a while the then pull out, rub the stain, wash and dry.

SALT: Pour it on spills or run-overs in the oven to absorb grease.

VODKA: Swish diamond jewelry in undiluted vodka to clean. For heavily soiled pieces let soak 15 minutes. May be used on gold and hard stones.

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