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Refridgerator Cleaning

About this Tip:

A few tips and suggestions on keeping your refrigerator clean. What needs to be cleaned, when and how to.

What needs to be cleaned, when and how

How to:

  1. Refrigerator door handles should be wiped down with hot soapy water or a biodegradable disinfecting wipe on a daily basis. Germy, dirty hands touch the handles all day everyday.
  2. At the end of each week, or before you go grocery shopping, toss leftovers hat have been leftover too long and anything that is past it's user date
  3. The inside of the refrigerator should be wiped down with a micro fiber cloth and warm water too
  4. Each season, which is 4 times per years, take a deep dive into the interior and remove things and clean really well. A solution of 3 parts water and 1 part white vinegar works well. Dry the areas as you go

Warnings & Cautions:

Don't use cleaners inside the refrigerator that aren't safe for food preparation areas

Linda Says:

QUEEN TIP: Keep track of leftovers by putting a list on the outside of the refrigerator of what is in there and the date. It will allow you to keep track better and also avoid those nasty, smelly surprises of "what is that". Make this chore easier by using a micro fiber cloth wrung out in warm water. Are spills on shelves an issue for you? Cover the shelf with plastic wrap. You can simply remove it when it is soiled.