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Cleaning the Kitchen Sink

About this Tip:

How to clean the kitchen sink and what to use to make it sparkly clean and smelling good.

How to clean the kitchen sink and what to use

How to:

  1. After meals are over rinse the sink with dishwashing liquid
  2. At the end of the day, after the last meal prep, disinfect the sink. Keep a labeled spray bottle of 50 % rubbing alcohol and 50% water under the sink. Spray and wipe.
  3. When you are handling meat, especially poultry, you need to completely sanitize the sink. Use a cleaner that is safe for your sink material.
  4. For stainless White vinegar is best. Diluted bleach (2 parts water 2 parts bleach) is good for ceramic or cast iron sinks.
  5. Be sure you rinse with hot water to remove all residue.
  6. GOT ODOR? It is probably from the garbage disposal. Putting some citrus peels or fruit in it and running cold water with the disposal on will help.
  7. If you have a double sink and don't use one side often, be sure to run water down it daily. This prevents the trap from drying out creating odor.
  8. GOT STAINS and RUST? Use the Queen of Clean Powder Cleaner. It won't scratch any surface and will completely and easily remove stains and rust.

Warnings & Cautions:

If you are using disinfecting cleaners, make sure you leave them on long enough. They should not be sprayed and wiped. They need time to work. When using disinfectants in food prep areas, you must completely rinse them away with hot water. Read the directions on the cleaner you use. It must be used correctly to do the job.

Linda Says:

QUEEN TIP: For stainless steel sinks, clean and dry the sink and then apply a quality stainless steel cleaner to protect it from stains and water spots. Try, Queen of Clean Stainless Steel Cleaner. Go to our store to purchase this now. Do you have an older sink? Apply a coat of car wax to protect it from stains and water spots and give it a shine.