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Toilet Ring Remover

What you need:

  • White Vinegar
  • Twenty Mule Team Borax
  • Queen of Clean Toilet, Tub and Sink Powder
  • Fine Drywall Sandpaper
  • Throw Away rubber-type gloves

How to:

  1. Shut the water off at the toilet tank (handle behind toilet)
  2. Spray on white vinegar
  3. Sprinkle on Borax
  4. Let it soak 15 - 30 minutes
  5. Rub the ring with the drywall sandpaper until it is removed (use a small piece of drywall sandpaper and toss when you are done)
  6. Repeat if needed
  7. Turn the water back on at tank
  8. Swish and flush
  10. Do the exact same thing except use Queen of Clean Toilet, Tub and Sink Powder Cleaner instead of vinegar and borax. This will also remove rust

Warnings & Cautions:

DO NOT use drywall sandpaper on any surface other than the toilet bowl. It will scratch.

Linda Says:

I love the ease of my Queen of Clean Toilet, Tub and Sink Powder Cleaner. I created it especially for difficult bathroom stains including hard water, scum, rust, and mold and mildew stains. It won't scratch anything. Prevent those nasty toilet rings by using it to clean on a regular basis. A little goes a long way. Buy drywall sandpaper at hardware and home centers.Make sure it is FINE.