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Removing smells from the Litter Box

What you need:

  • Garbage bag to put used litter in
  • Normal cleaner to wash box out thoroughly
  • Enough fresh litter to fill the litter box

How to:

  1. Empty all used litter into garbage bag and dispose of
  2. Wash out the litter box as you usually do and rinse well
  3. Sit the box in the sun for at least 20 minutes to dry thoroughly
  4. Fill box with fresh litter


When your cat digs in the litter box, the claws leave behind scratches in the plastic that harbor odor-causing bacteria.

Linda Says:

Every time you do a complete clean out on the litter box follow this procedure

Why It Works:

The sun works like bleach, killing germs so that the litter box smells fresh. Repeat each time you empty the litter box.