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Making An Orange/Clove Pomander

About this Tip:

This is a natural air freshener and deters moths

This is a natural air freshener and deters moths

How to:

  1. You will need the following: An orange, Whole Cloves, a container to sit it in/on, or a hook and ribbon to hang it.
  2. Take an Orange and push rows of whole cloves into it.
  3. Push a hook, such as a cup hook, in the top and add a ribbon to hang it OR sit on or in a small bowl. I prefer this method
  4. Sit it in closets to deter moths. When it has no more fragrance, put it down the disposal to freshen it
  5. It will add fragrance naturally to any smaller room. I like to use it in my mud room.

Linda Says:

I like to sit it on top of a small plastic bowl to expose more area to the air. I think that works better than hanging it.