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Cleaning Cast Iron – Removing Rust and Corrosion

What you need:

  • Fine (0000) Steel Wool
  • Dish Washing Liquid
  • Paper Towels
  • Oil
  • Aluminum Foil

How to:

  1. Use fine steel wool to remove rust from affected areas
  2. Scour until skillet returns to raw cast iron
  3. Wash the skillet thoroughly using warm water and dish soap
  4. Scrub with a bristle brush, gentle scouring pad or mesh sponge if needed
  5. Dry the skillet immediately with paper towels.
  6. Cover the pan with a coating of vegetable oil or other cooking oil over the entire piece, including bottom and handle. Use ONLY a small amount of oil
  7. Place the pan in the oven upside down on the top rack on top of a sheet of aluminium foil to catch drips
  8. Heat cast iron at 350 degrees for one hour
  9. Turn off the heat and let the pan sit in the oven until cool

Warnings & Cautions:

Don't use too much oil when oiling the pan or it will be sticky

Linda Says:

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