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Mold In Kid’s Bath Toys

About this Tip:

How to remove mold from kids bath toys. Did you know that kid's bath toys can have mold inside them? Even black mold! Monthly it's a good idea to clean kid's bath toys. Water can seep inside of the plastic/rubber toys and mold. Then kids put the toy in their mouths.

How to remove mold from kids bath toys

How to:

  1. To clean and sanitize, drop the toys into a bleach/water soak
  2. Combine 2 quarts hot water and 3 Tablespoons chlorine bleach
  3. Let them soak, giving them a stir occassionally
  4. Soak for 30 minutes or so
  5. Rinse and shake out any remaining water and allow to dry

Warnings & Cautions:

Bleach can remove some color from some toys

Linda Says:

Often you can hold the toy up to the light and see the mold growing inside

Why It Works:

Chlorine Bleach kills and digests the mold spores